Friday, December 18, 2009

YIKES...what happened to November!?

Once again I am playing catch up! I just hate it when I do this, but here it goes...

My friend's from college got together in Chattanooga to celebrate two very special events, the engagement of Mary Brooke and Hannah Ruth's first "Ones" weekend. We shopped and ate all day Saturday (Hannah did WONDERFUL) and that night we had a special "candle passing" for Brooke. It was so much fun to be with everyone and celebrate happy times!
Sweet Hannah
Lauren and Carrie playing dress-up at TargetCousin Eddie...I mean, Andrea!
Getting ready for the candle passing
Who will blow out the candle?

The bride-to-be!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom's family in Moulton, AL the weekend before Thanksgiving this year. We had a great time and most everyone was able to be there. Thanks to Kristi and Lance for hosting at your home!

Nana and TruittElla Tate roaming around outside
Ella Tate with her Great-Grandmother The Randolph familyThe "second cousins" have so much fun together! We spent Thanksgiving Day at GranGran and Poppa's with all of Linda's family. We had more delicious food and fun!

Ella Tate chillin' out before the crowd arrived! (Katie made this sweet little turkey dress for Ella Tate.)

Ella Tate and Hilary
The Turner cousins and spouses
Mary Elizabeth and Ella Tate

The day after Thanksgiving Hunter, Ella Tate and I went to Nana and Pop's house for even more food and fun! Ella Tate and I stayed that next week and had a great time!

Aunt Rachel and Ella Tate

Olivia and Anna

Thomas, Phillip, Aubrey and Truitt

Ella Tate helped me clean the house so we could get ready to put the Christmas decorations out! She thinks she is big stuff.

Ella Tate woke up from her nap and was so excited to see the pink Christmas tree in her room!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We have 2 huge oak trees that haven't lost their leaves yet, but somehow our entire yard is FULL of leaves. Ella Tate loves to play in them and hear them crunch! Now this is how you spend a Sunday afternoon!

We went over to play with Turner and Mary Elizabeth one day last week. Ella Tate loves playing in their big playroom with all of their toys!
Playing on the patio is one of Ella Tate's most favorite ways to spend the afternoon!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick-or-Treat, give me something good to eat!

This year we made several stops at friend's and family's houses for Ella Tate to "trick-or-treat"! She got lots of goodies including, candy, a teddy bear, a Halloween balloon, books and even money! We started the festivities around 2 at GranGran and Poppa's and ended the evening at the Guthrie's about 9. Ella Tate was exhausted by the time we got home, but she had a great Halloween! Showing GranGran her costume Playing peek-a-boo with Poppa
Betty Ikeda's granddaughter, Olive, was visiting her, so Ella Tate and Olive got to play for a little while
with Mrs. Julia and Mr. Wavell and the cute little teddy bear they gave herTurner, Ella Tate and Mary ElizabethTurner showing Ella Tate his cars
Aunt Joyce gave Ella Tate some yummy mini Oreos that she LOVED!
Ella Tate had fun playing at Mr. Ted and Mrs. Jane's house
Ella Tate and Mommy posing on the front porch
starting to wind down...
playing with all of her goodies that Mrs. Bobbie and Miss Danitta gave her
Grady, Nolen and Ella Tate, a.k.k, Charlie Brown, Linus and Pink Poodle

We didn't get to see Uncle Stephen or Uncle Phillip Halloween night, so Ella Tate got dressed up for them to see how cute she looked!

Ella Tate rocking in Uncle Stephen's rocking chair

Playing the of her favorite pasttimes!

Reading with Uncle Phillip