Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter 2010

We had an Easter Egg Hunt at the Guthrie's house this year, but since it was so cold and rainy the kids had to hunt inside. We still had a good time, though.
Ella Tate and Nolen look like they can hardley wait for the hunt to begin!
Caroline, Ella Tate and Nolen
Ford barely made it in to this picture
Ready, set, hunt!
Allie was proud of her eggs
Ella Tate wasn't really into hunting this year
This picture really has nothing to do with Easter except her basket is in the picture. She loves playing in her new room. It is SO much bigger than her room at our old house and she will play in there with her books and puzzles for a long time...which I love!
Easter morning~look at that bed head!
Her new sunglasses
She got so excited over everything in her basket
Her first set of pom-poms

We went to Gran Gran and Poppa's after church for lunch and an egg hunt and had a great time!
Ella Tate and Mary Elizabeth watching Turner and Hunter blow bubbles.
"I found a flower"
The most exciting thing from her basket full of goodies...fruit snacks!
Gran Gran got Ella Tate an Easter Bunny that sings and dances, which she loves!
Daddy and Ella Tate
Ella Tate and Mommy
Bunny ears from Aunt Katherine
Mary Elizabeth and Turner hunting for eggs
Mommy helping Ella Tate open up her eggs

Mary Elizabeth seems to be saying "hands off my basket"
Turner found some trains in his eggs
It's a golden egg!

Daddy, Ella Tate and Poppa
Sporting her new sunglasses
This is the best picture we got, so it will have to do!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We heart our friends and family!

Ella Tate and Nolen waiting for a treat from Julia's BakeryCourtney and I at the church Valentine's dinner
Grady and Ella Tate~all smiles!
Ella Tate, Grady and Nolen playing at the Cool Springs Mall
Ford taught Ella Tate how to climb up on the high chair at Cheesburger Charley's
Grayson came over to play and Ella Tate showed him how to make a lot of noise on the piano!
Ford, Nolen and Ella Tate playing at Ford's house
We went to see cousin Hayley play basketball...she was so good.
Aubrey, Truitt and Ella Tate enjoying Hayley's ballgame!
Ella Tate and Truitt at another one of Hayley's basketball games with NanaNana, Ella Tate and I visiting Grandmother
Campbell and Ella Tate eating lunch at Nana and Pop's
The Randolph Clan
Truitt's 1st Birthday Party
Some of my favorite pics of Ella Tate