Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And A Happy Birthday It Was!

We began the birthday festivities on Friday morning by waking up Ella Tate with a birthday banana! She was not real sure what to think of her mommy and daddy walking in her room singing "Happy Birthday", as you can see in the picture! Then, Hunter, Ella Tate and I went to eat breakfast at the Pancake Pantry. Ella Tate loved watching all of the people and Hunter and I loved the food!
Our family trio. (We took this picture ourselves, so that is one reason why Mommy looks so scarey...we don't need to discuss any of the other reasons!)

Nana and Pop came into town on Friday morning and brought Ella Tate this sweet table and chairs from the family for her birthday!Opening presents from Mommy and Daddy

"Happy birthday to you"

Eating the first of MANY birthday cakes!
On Saturday we celebrated with all of my family. We had a really fun time, but we missed Aunt Rachel, Uncle Jeff, Anna, Olivia, Shannon, Campbell and Colin

My sweet 1 year old!

Uncle Stephen with Ella Tate and Truitt Nana, Ella Tate and PopStephen, Ella Tate and Hayley playing the piano.
"Happy Birthday to you" againDaddy, Ella Tate and Mommy

Trying to get Ella Tate to try her cupcake
and it didn't take long!
Zach and Ella Tate
Uncle Phillip, Truitt, Ella Tate and Pop
Sweet cousins
We continued the birthday celebration all through out the week and into the next weekend! (You only turn 1 once, right?!) Here she is opening a present from Avery, Harper and Reese Bennett.
It was a "play" purse and she LOVES it!

Next, we had a "friend" birthday cookout and party on Saturday night. Ella Tate got so many nice gifts and we had a great time with all of her kid and grown-up friends!
Here is her birthday cake and it was SO cute and delicious! Kelly Santel made it...check her out at
Mommy with the birthday girl
Ford, Grayson and Ella Tate playing outside
Ella Tate and Emma in the bouncy house that we borrowed from the Guthrie's~thanks SO much!

Ford kicked back in Ella Tate's chair

"The cutest birthday girl? Who, me?!"

Mommy and Ella Tate with your "aunts", Lauren and Carrie! Another "Happy Birthday to you"
Ford wanted to try a little of it
She looked like she had had enough cake!
Max and Emma patiently watching Ella Tate open her presents Me "ooo-ing" over the frame that Katie made with one of the pictures she took!
Is this all mine?

And last, but not least, on Sunday, we celebrated Ella Tate's 1st birthday for the last time with Hunter's family. Some were here in Nashville and others drove some Sparta to celebrate with us. We had another wonderful time!The same girl who made Ella Tate's cake for the party on Saturday made the one for Sunday. It was just as cute and delicious as the first one!
Showing everyone her new walking skills

Gran Gran, Ella Tate and Poppa

And for the last time "Happy Birthday to you"!
Relaxing in the rocking chair that Gran Gran and Poppa gave herWe almost had WW III on our hands over this stroller (that Sandra, Steve and Hilary gave her), but Ella Tate and Mary Elizabeth ended up sharing it very well!
Amanda, Aunt Katherine and Ella Tate
Ella Tate with Gran Gran

Turner loved "driving" the little red car! Playing with Poppa
Ella Tate with NaNa and PaPa