Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ford's Birthday Party and the Neighborhood Picnic

Last Saturday, we went to Ford's 1st Birthday party. It was Ella Tate's first time to go to a "friend party", so I was pretty excited! We had a great time and Ford was so sweet to let all the kids play with his new toys. (The camera battery died during the middle of the party, so I wasn't able to get any pictures of Ford opening his gifts.)

Getting ready to go to Ford's party and SO excited!

Ford's birthday cake was not only adorable, but so yummy!

Ella Tate trying out Ford's new ride. She loved riding on it and I think it may be a purchase for another birthday that is coming up soon! "Move over Ella Tate, this is how you do it!"

Ford also got a water table that the kids enjoyed playing inI didn't want Ella Tate's dress to get wet, so Ford let her borrow one of his shirts. I told Katie I guess it was kind of like her wearing his letterman's jacket! (haha) Getting ready for some cake...

"Happy Birthday to you"

On Tuesday night, the guys played basketball, so Ford and Katie came over. The 4 of us walked down to the neighborhood picnic and ate hot dogs, chips, cookies and even a shaved ice. The kids got balloons which was the hit of the night. It was such a fun time and we're happy Katie and Ford could join us!

Before we left for the picnic, Ford decided to try out Ella Tate's Johnny Jump Up...he LOVED it!

9 Month Pictures...a little late

I just realized that I never posted Ella Tate's 9 month pictures. They were taken on June 25 by Wendy Tate and, of course, I thought they turned out great. Here are a few of my favorites.