Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Days

We headed to my parent's house around the first of January b/c my mom was put in the hospital with pneumonia. Ella Tate and I went down to help out when she got home. Even though Nana wasn't feeling well, Ella Tate still had a great time playing with Pop!
Getting some much need sunshine I found these on my camera, but since Alabama won the National Championship I wasn't too threatened!
I took Ella Tate to the circus for the first time this year and she was truly amazed. We went with the Courtney, Grady, Nolen, Katie and Ford and had a great time!

Getting ready to head out to the circus. Thanks Katie for driving us all!

Ella Tate, Nolen and Ford WOW!

We tried to let Ella Tate play out in the snow, but she did not enjoy it as much as Hunter and I did. She looked awfully cute all bundled up, though.
The view from our front door

We had some friends over for pizza the other night and it was so nice to see new faces since we had all been stuck at home for 2 days.
Grady, Ella Tate and Grayson looking at the snow

December and January fun...a little late!

It has been a little crazy around here and I am just now getting around to posting my Christmas pictures! (My excuse is that we have bought a new house and are in the process of painting, packing and slowly moving...but more to come on that later!) Hang on b/c this is a lot of pictures...
December 2009
Ella Tate and I stayed with Pop and Nana the week after Thanksgiving and had a great time. One afternoon, we went to ACA (my old high school) and watched a basketball game with Aunt Rachel, Uncle Jeff, Anna and Olivia. Ella Tate had a blast!
Ella Tate got her hair cut by Miss Billie one day, which was very special to me b/c she has been cutting our family's hair for over 30 years!Then we went to Vernon, AL to celebrate Christmas with my dad's family. Hunter met us there and brought Ella Tate and I back home.
My daddy with his sister's...Aunt Peggy, Aunt Virginia and Aunt LindaElla Tate relaxing at homeGetting ready to see Santa Claus, who she was TERRIFIED of Mary Elizabeth came over to play with us one day and we had a great time!
Lunch with Carrie and Lauren at J. AlexandersCelebrating Lauren's 30th Birthday at La Paz Christmas in Sparta
Ella Tate opening her gifts from Nana and PaPa Turner We went to John and Brenda's new house to celebrate Christmas with the Turner's. It was beautiful there! Ella Tate loved playing with this real-like puppy of Madison's
Amanda, Hilary and Sandra getting ready for the Ornament Swap

GranGran and Nana Turner

Ella Tate in a dress that "Aunt" Joyce made for her niece 30 years ago. Isn't it adorable? Thanks for sharing it with us!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning

Pop and Nana came up earlier in the week and were here on Christmas morning. GranGran and Poppa came over and watched Ella Tate open her presents and ate breakfast with us. We had a great time!

We went to Uncle Stephen's house on Christmas night to celebrate with my family. We had a great time with lots of great gifts and wonderful food!
Nana with her little reindeer

Olivia, Ella Tate, Anna, Campbell, Hayley and Colin building a gingerbread house.

Pop and Colin ready to open gifts

Then on Saturday, we went to Jackson, TN to celebrate Christmas with the Johnson's, but I didn't take any pictures...oops! We had a great time, though!

January 2010

On New Year's Day, we went to GranGran and Poppa's house to celebrate Christmas. It was another wonderful day with lots of fun gifts and delicious food.