Friday, January 30, 2009


Ella Tate is now 4 months old

She went to the doctor this past week and weighs 12 lbs. 11 oz. and is 25 inches long.

She smiles ALL the time and babbles a lot, esp. for her Daddy! She loves her hands and prefers to chew on them over anything else. She likes for you to say the word "zip" and she would watch cars drive by from our living room window all day if you would let her.

Getting ready to go for a walk with Mommy and Daddy!

she is so excited about her 4 month birthday!
Nana and Pop and Aunt Rachel came up this past weekend. We went to Hayley's basketball game on Friday night. It was Ella Tate's first basketball game and she LOVED it. On Saturday we celebrated Uncle Phillip's birthday and just about everyone was able to be there except for Jeff, Olivia and Anna (we missed you)! On Sunday we went to church and then it was time for everyone to leave. We had such a good time and look forward to your next visit!

Birthday brunch: Nana, Pop, Uncle Phillip and Shannon

Reading with Aunt Rachel

Ella Tate and Uncle Stephen

Good Times in January

Uncle Stephen, Ella Tate and I went to Moulton see my grandmother. She was doing really well and was so excited to see Ella Tate and how big she is getting.
Thanks Stephen for driving us down!
hanging out on Mommy and Daddy's bed

While the guys are practicing basketball, Katie and Ford come over and hang out with Ella Tate and I and we love having them! It is so much fun to watch Ford and

Ella Tate play with each other.

Just chillin' with Ford!

Her cheesy smile!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christmas 2008

We went to Gran and Papa's on Christmas Eve and had so much fun!
Turner, Ella Tate and Mary Elizabeth before opening presents...they could hardly wait!

babydoll from Gran and Papa

Ella Tate opening a jewelry box from Aunt Katherine
she thought the bows and paper were more fun than anything else!

Christmas morning at home with Mommy and Daddy

So excited to get started...

She loves her Glo-Worm!

with all of her Christmas loot

We went to Nana and Pop's on New Year's Eve and spent several days with them and my extended family. We had a blast!
before the madness begins...

Anna and Zach finding what is in their stockings!

I love my books from Nana and Pop!

My first Christmas was SO much fun!

More catch-up...

Playdate for the kids and brunch for the mommies at Katie's house!
(L-R: Grayson, Ford, Max, Nolen and Ella Tate)

"I Heart Santa Claus"
Olivia and Ella Tate at the Randolph get-together in Vernon, AL

First time in Bumbo seat...she loves it!
Ella Tate and Mommy looking at the Christmas tree.

3 month birthday

Cousin Hilary and Ella Tate at Christmas in Sparta with the Turners!

Uncle Phillip, Aubrey and Hayley came by to visit us

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pictures by Brooke Rainey

Brooke came over to the house and took some pics of Ella Tate the day before Thanksgiving. I think she did a WONDERFUL job and would recommend her to anyone that needs a good photographer!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We're back...

No one likes to hear excuses, I know, so I will spare you all my excuses for not blogging and just go ahead and post the pictures. (That is really why everyone checks out blogs anyway, isn't it?!)

We were SO excited that Andrea came into town to visit us! She, Lauren, Ella Tate and I went on a walk around the neighborhood Saturday afternoon while she was here. Here is Ella Tate, Andrea and Lauren after our walk trying to help Ella Tate cool down...she got a little toasty!

(Ella Tate can't wait to get a new friend in August!)

Ella Tate's first visit with Santa. As you can tell she was SUPER excited!

Aunt Katherine and Ella Tate

My mom and dad (Nana and Pop) came to visit us and we got together with Uncle Phillip, cousin Zach and Uncle Stephen while they were here.

Uncle Phillip and Ella Tate (look at that double chin!)

Ella Tate with cousin Zach

Nana, Uncle Stephen and Pop

This is Ella Tate's pouty lip! Isn't it pitiful? (2 months and 1 day old)

Katie Watson, Ford's mom, gave Ella Tate her first set of shots. I was so thankful that she was the one to give them. She did a GREAT job! Thanks Katie!

She still loves bathtime!

Ella Tate and her pink Christmas tree in her room. She loved looking at the lights at night!

We had Thanksgiving at Hunter's parents (Gran and Papa) with the Turner's. It was a lot of fun and Ella Tate had a big time with everyone!
Ella Tate, Papa and Gran

Cousin Mary Elizabeth, Daddy and Ella Tate

Then we went to Alabama for Thanksgiving at Nana and Pop's.

Aunt Rachel and Ella TateOlivia, Unlce Jeff, Aunt Rachel and Anna

more to come...