Friday, October 30, 2009

We are thankful for our FRIENDS!

This week some of the mommies and kids that came to the New Mommies Brunch at Courtney's last year got together for brunch at Katie's house this year. It is was so neat (and a little sad) to see all the "babies" growing up and developing little personalities. We had a great time and missed Caroline and Tate and their mommies, but hope they can come next year!

This year (Grayson, Allie, Nolen, Ella Tate, Ford and Clay) Last year (Allie, Tate, Ella Tate, Grayson, Clay, Nolen, Caroline, Ford)
they all loved playing with Katie's dog, Izzy
Ella Tate can't focus on anything or anyone when Izzy is in the room
Nolen came over to spend a couple of hours with us while Courtney went to Grady's Halloween party at school. Courtney left her double stroller and I took Ella Tate and Nolen down the street to the playground. (I guess this is what it would be like to have twins!) It was a perfect day and they had a wonderful time playing and enjoyed a little snack at Ella Tate's table afterwards. Come back soon, Nolen!

We Have a Rat in the House...

and her name is Ella Tate! She eats her books, literally! I used to put them in bed with her because she would read before and after she woke up, but now it is only plastic and soft books for her. I am hoping she does it because of teething and not that she is deficient in some nutrient.
These are just a few...Any suggestions?

Trunk or Treat

Last Saturday night was Trunk or Treat at church. Ella Tate was a pink poddle and had a great time walking around the parking lot and checking out everyone's candy. She had her first Tootsie Roll Pop and LOVED it! Now everyday since then she gets a sucker out of the candy bowl here at home and puts it in her mouth, paper and all...I have started something that I think is going to be hard to break!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Last week we went to the Walden Pumpkin Farm with the Guthrie's, Watson's and Hannah (Grayson was at his grandparent's house, so Hannah tagged along as our photographer). It was perfect weather and Ella Tate had a great time! We're already looking forward to next year.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthday and Wedding Weekend Extravaganza

All of my family came into town last weekend for my niece, Aubrey's, wedding and also to celebrate my brother, Stephen's, birthday. We all (except for those that were getting ready for the wedding) ate a birthday lunch together and then headed to Thomas and Aubrey's wedding. The wedding was in a tent on the front lawn of a historic home in Christiana, TN. Everything was gorgeous with lots of fall decorations and colors and Aubrey was a beautiful bride!
Ella Tate loves to play with her cousin Olivia! Happy Birthday, StephenMe, Hunter and Ella Tate before Aubrey's weddingMom and DaddyPhillip, Father of the Bride, and AubreyThe beautiful decorations and delicious food
Ella Tate LOVED the meatballs!
Uncle Stephen and Ella Tate
Shannon and Phillip
Aunt Rachel, Ella Tate and Olivia
Hayley, Thomas, Aubrey, Campbell, Phillip, Shannon, Colin, Zach