Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Sweet Girl is Growing

Ella Tate is 10 and 1/2 months now and is so much fun! She is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything. She is a great eater and a few of her favorite foods are blueberries, bananas, veggie straws, cheese, oatmeal and yogurt. She loves looking a books and prefers those over her other toys. Ella Tate is not afraid of dogs and whenever she sees one she makes a "woof,woof" sound. Like every other child, she also likes to play with things that aren't toys...the pedal on the trash can, DVD covers, coasters, chap stick, shoes, photo albums and remotes just to name a few. She prefers men who have goatees (is that how you spell that?) and also likes anyone who has glasses, so she can rip them off your head! She has 5 teeth that are in and another that has almost pushed through. Her laugh is contagious and we have the best time everyday with her!

Playing in Mommy's closet

She loves drinking out of "big girl" cups and knows exactly what to do with one!

Don't call DCS...Carrie and I were just playing around with Ella Tate and the car was not moving!

Snuggled up with her duck and her rabbit. (That duck looks like he need some help!)

Ella Tate loves to play with Gracie when we go to Sparta to see Hunter's grandparents, Nana and PaPa. Gracie wanted in and Ella Tate wanted out.

Trying out her new carseat

Again, don't call DCS...We were at Costco one night and I had unbuckled Ella Tate to clean her up after we ate and I didn't buckle her back in. So, we were looking at something and when we turned around, she was standing up facing backwards! YIKES!and she thought it was hilarious!No words...just found her here when I walked in the kitchen!

The only time she is still is when she is asleep and this is probably one of the last times that I'll be able to get her to fall asleep in my arms (My baby's growing up~sniff, sniff!)

Any and everything goes in her mouth...


chap stick

Girls Weekend

Ella Tate and I (along with Lauren) went to Chattanooga this past weekend for a girls weekend with my girlfriends from college...they are "My Ones"! We hadn't all been together since Ella Tate has been born, so it was time to induct her in our group. Our real reason for getting together was to welcome soon-to-be-born Hannah Ruth into the group and shower Andrea with love and gifts. Thanks to Jan, Bethany's mom, for letting us all crash at her house. We had a great time and I am so blessed to have these wonderful girls in my life. I pray that Ella Tate will have good friends like her Mommy has.
Carrie, Lauren, Andrea, Bethany, Ella Tate and me in Hannah's beautiful nursery.
"Hey, Bethany, I think that is my bow!"Andrea, Ella Tate and I waiting on our table at Big River.
Carrie, Lauren and Bethany
Ella Tate loves Carrie!
Snuggling with Bethany at Andrea's house
Ella Tate and Callie, Bethany's dog/daughter, giving each other the once-over

Ella Tate was too busy hanging with the girls to take a nap, but on Saturday afternoon she crashed. When I went to wake her up this is what I found. Her smile seems to say "I promise I'm not sleepy...I'm realy to go out with the girls!" I LOVE it! Ella Tate, Bethany, Lauren and Brooke ordering lunch at the Sweet Peppers Deli...YUM!

Andrea looking at the books that we gave Hannah
Andrea and Brooke
Bethany, Carrie and me

Me, Ella Tate and Lauren

"Get off the phone and pay attention to me!"

"The Ones" with our first little "schrimp" and one on the way!

Lake Trip with the Family

My parents rented a lake house on Lake Martin in Eclectic, AL for all of us to get together at this summer. Stephen was sick and wasn't able to come and we missed having him there, but everyone else was able to come stay for a few days. We had such a good time and enjoyed the being with everyone. Thanks Mom and Daddy! (I'm not sure how Daddy managed to escape all picture taking, but I just realized that he isn't in a one that I took! I'll get you next time.)

The view from our back was beautiful!
Borris, the neighborhood dog, soon became our friend and made himself at home on our back porch

Anna, Phillip, Matthew and Hayley

This chunky monkey is my nephew, Truitt, who is 4 months old, now. He is such a good baby and so loveable! Besides eating, this is what he does best...Phillip, Aubrey and Truitt
Ella Tate and Truitt trying out the boogie board
Hunter and Olivia playing a game of Frisbee

Hayley and Ella Tate

Olivia, Rachel, Ella Tate and me

Soaking up some rays with Nana

Ella Tate and Anna

asleep again...oh, those were the days!

Hang on!

Hayley and Anna getting ready to go for a ride on the tube

"I wanna try out this tube-thing"
Zach, Sarah, Aubrey and Thomas
Jeff, the grill master!
Sleepy heads, Ella Tate and Truitt
Nana and Ella Tate
"Don't forget your sunscreen"