Monday, March 30, 2009

6 months and growing...

Ella Tate has had several "milestones" in the past couple of weeks! Sitting in the grocery buggy all by herself, surviving her mommy and daddy having the stomach bug and not getting it herself, playing in her Johnny Jump-Up, having her 6 month birthday and eating veggies, fruits and a biter biscuit!

Look at the big lady sitting in the buggy at TJ Maxx
Taking a bottle while Mommy was sick

Fun times in her Johnny Jump-Up

"I'm 6 months old today"

A birthday kiss from Mr. Ducky

Ella Tate loves to suck on her toes, esp. right after she gets out of the bath!

She can sit all by herself now without any help
"I love carrots"
She thinks it is so much fun to turn her Ocean Wonders off and onGetting ready to eat some green peas
She wasn't as thrilled with the peas as she was with the carrots and I don't blame her!
We went to the Watson's house on Saturday night and Ford shared one of his Biter Biscuits with Ella Tate. It was the first time she had ever had one and she thought it tasted pretty good...

(Disclaimer...if you have a weak stomach, do not look at this next picture)

actually, she thought it was WONDERFUL!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good Times

Ella Tate has been a busy girl over the past several weeks.

She turned 5 months on Feb. 18th, and I know she is now almost 6 months old, but just bear with me, I like for things on this blog to be in chronological order, so I HAVE to do it this way!

Fun times in the Exersaucer

This is how I find Ella Tate just about everyday when I go in to get her up from her nap. Her thumb is usually in her mouth, but she took it out right before I snapped this pic

I finally broke down and gave Ella Tate cereal. I don't really know why I kept putting it off except for the fact that I was just too lazy to do it!

See, she loved it and I know that the main reason she ate it so well was because we waited! So, my laziness did pay off in the end...and that's my story and I'm sticking to it! (hahaha!)

Nana came up to visit us and it snowed while she was here!
Playing with Nana

Ella Tate and I went back to Alabama with Nana to stay the week with her and Pop. We had such a good time and Ella Tate did great! We got to see Aunt Rachel, Unlce Jeff, Anna and Olivia everyday while we were there, too.

Blowing bubbles...the faces she makes doing this are HILARIOUS!
"Sunning" on the back porch with Nana and Mommy

Anna is on Alabama Christian Academy's JV softball team, so we got to go to a couple of her games while we were down there.

Celebrating the victory with Anna and Aunt Rachel

Pop has 7 (I think) cows, so Nana and I took Ella Tate to meet them one afternoon. She wasn't very impressed!

Playing with Pop

Getting ready for church with Aunt Rachel

Before we left Nana and Pop's on Sunday afternoon, Olivia took Ella Tate out for a spin